Comment on Sex-for-admission: UNILAG suspends another lecturer by Alex Johnson

i am greatly disappointed that our respected men who are supposed to be role models for virtue, degrade, debase and bestialize themselves for reasons that cannot be explained. These are men who have travelled, read, interracted with civilized western world. Men who are supposed to teach us the way to behave and to honour God who they know that in truth exists because if there is no God who merits the attributes credited to Him, the wise British men, the Americans and others will not worship Him. When I see Rev. Fathers and Bishops from overseas being in charge of our local parishes and dioceses, i have the full encouragement to obey God because if He does not exist, these great men will not leave their countries where they have everything to enjoy to come here and suffer in a bid to make us children of God. These our men know that what they are doing is bad and still they continue to do them. What they are doing to others’ daughters they would not like them done to their own daughters and sisters.

How come that parents will be grooming their children from childhood in the way of God and when the children enter the universities instead of the lecturers who are supposed to be churning out good citizens by continuing the moral upbringing from where the parents left off will now be the ones to corrupt and turn them from virtue to vice, even the self-acclaimed men of God called pastors!

How can men of this calibre in a twinkle of an eye destroy hard-earned careers and reputation they built up for so many years over an irrelevant issue? They have the money and whatever it takes to get the best wives for themselves and yet they are not satisfied. i am just pitying them and their families over this ignominy. All good things come from God. The good positions they have came from God but they refuse to recognize this by using them to His glory; they instead glorify the Devil by going against God’s rule with the elevated positions He has bestowed them with.

Any way, it is true that what they have done is bad but the disgrace they have gone through is enough punishment. They are human beings like ourselves. At one time or the other we make mistakes and learn from them. Let me take it that the Devil misled them and now they have seen the repercussion. My late father said, “if bloodshed is engendered in anger, burial should be effected to ward off evil smell.” In the circumstances, I am begging the authorities both in Ghana and Nigeria as well as elsewhere to temper justice with mercy by allowing them to continue with their jobs with promise to turnover a new leaf else they will face severe disciplinary action by way of summary dismissal. Let the essence of this action of the undercover BBC journalist be to correct and reform and not to throw them and their families into abject poverty. The same gesture should please be extended to Professor Akindele.

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