Comment on Shoot-on-sight: A call for another pogrom, genocide in S’East -Ohanaeze warns by Emeka Aku

So there is not a single computer Southerner or Christian, not even from SW or SS that could qualify to be posted to the SE? You guys think we are stupid. Just remember, it was the mass killing of Igbos that led them to defend themselves resulting in the last civil war. I doubt if Britain or America would support you this time around. Not with your proven Jihadist agenda and Islamization if West Africa. You won the first civil war, I am almost certain you are misreading the world’s temperature and will lose this time around. By the way, genocide in the SE now is the guaranteed shortest route to breaking up Nigeria. Think twice because the ESN will resist you and those of us Igbos who believe in one
Nigeria and don’t care for Kanu will change allegiance once their blood relatives are murdered. That is already happening with herdsmen killing us and the federal government not lifting a finger.
May God save this nation called Nigeria.

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