Comment on Soldiers’ killing: Ortom apologises to Buhari, COAS by THE NOON

What is the SIN of the Security agencies that warranted all these National assault? Is it because they choose to protect lives and properties and maintain law and order as their clarion called?. For the military to becomes victims of general insecurities in Nigeria was a cleared manifestation that democracy not really compatible with a sicked society called Nigeria because the killing of soldiers and the questionable dimension of attacking police stations continuously asking questions of, What is the SIN of security agencies that warranted all these barbarism?. At the early stage of terrorism in Nigeria, The Nigerian Christians were of the strong notion that it was an agenda to Islamatised Nigeria and they are victims of terrorism because of their Christian Faith of which act of terrorism no matter the way it presented itself every members of the society are victims in many ways physically, psychologically, mentally and economically so What is the SIN of the security agencies?. In these ugly security situations in the country where the military and police are direct victim of very bad Democratic governance, would Restructuring, True Federalism and agitation for police control by state end the problems? Why is Nigeria upon its claimed of been educated home and abroad always enjoyed to treats symptoms and abandoned its diseases so would that cure the challenges?. These ugly security situations where the military and police remained main target of attack was another cleared manifestation of a symptoms of a sickness of a society which directly run counter to the Democratic tradition and its philosophy of achieving Good governance in an atmosphere of Peace, Unity and Progress therefore does a sicked society compatible with democracy?

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