Comment on Soleimani: ‘Americans ‘ll feel the impact’ of their criminal act,’ vows Rouhani by THE NOON

History confirmed the fact that USA roles in World affairs turned the position of UN to a mere 21st century puppet of which it was now cleared that nothing is United in Uninted Nations since US President Donald Trump has proof that He is President of the world by unlawfully and unduly interfere with many countries internal affairs. The US President stand on the killing of a person that represented a country of which his position as far as security of middle east is concerns show that all the allegations of US and its allies were baseless because the late General influence in the region made it difficult for US to achieved its hypocritic and selfish economy interest in the region therefore if the US allegations are true why carried extra judicial killing of the General?. The action of President Donald Trump remained a Childish and a cleared abused of powers of the beggining of another decades in the world records so for him to says his action stop war confirmed He is a Child because does the killing of Usama bin laden bring peace in middle east? Does the execution of Sadam Hussain brings peace to Iraq? Does the baseless allegations that led to the toppled and eventual killing of Gaddafi brings peace and stability to Libya? So who is terrorist?. Does the killing of a person whom position and jurisdiction made it difficult for your selfish agenda to succeed stop war or triggered war tension? Why was US allowed Saddam Hussain to faced trial? Why was Former US President Obama in his press released said Osama bin laden resisted arrest that was why he was shout at head and killed? Who is Fooling Who? US is the enemy of itself if its realised that its foreign policies only created enemy for its country therefore Iran, Turkey, North Korea and Iraq etc are loyal Friends until US complied with the philosophy of Late Rasta prophet Bob Marley in his (WAR) lyrics.

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