Comment on South Africa, Nigeria count costs over attacks on MTN, Shoprite, others by THE NOON

These are factual economy analysis and its bad effect on both countries while its possible economy consequence on the entire continent can trigger recession of which if not democratically address through Democratic process and mechanism in ensure peace and unity of Africans definitely the sociocultural and political effect and its consequence would be heater than the economy effect and these will probably create an endless enmity between Nigerians and South Africans while possibly escalated by creating baseless enmity between Nigeria allies and South Africa allies. Undoubtedly the effect of colonialism and its bad consequence remained the major obstacles hindering the unity and peace of Africans which Late Bob Marley revealed in his lyrics,(Top ranking). The present ugly situation in Hong Kong is another perfect example, Hong Kong was culturally, politically and historically part and parcel of China even before 1997 so Why is Hong Kong opposing China? Why does Hong Kong people has baseless feeling of not being part of China the fundamental answer was the effect of British colonialism of Hong Kong of which its sociopolitical influence remained why Hong Kong people refused to accept the leadership of China therefore how can Africans leaders redeemed their future generation from colonial mentality that often resulted to an unwarranted conflict Ann counter conflict among themselves?

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