Comment on South East governors say no to Miyetti Allah’s proposed vigilance group by LEONARDS ONYEKWERE

The solution is local policing not federal or state, but local policing. Vigilante group is old fashioned and tend to lead to extra-judicial killings because of inadequate training. But if Local Government are empowered (autonomous) to work as they should under Federal Structure of Government (as is the case is in the United States of America), each Local Government Authority should have the Constitutional Power to establish their own Police, who will work to provide the security of lives and property, for all inhabitants of that Local Government Area. Under such arrangement, any qualified citizen of Nigeria who live in a particular Local Government, can seek employment as a Police Officer in that locality.
Policing is a local function not federal, centralizing it is why most third world countries fell to curtail criminal activities. The idea of Nigeria contemplating having a Federal Police or National Police Force, State Police Force and Local Police Force at the same time is preposterous too.
Meanwhile, in the current democratic dispensation, the Judiciary Branch has failed Nigeria woefully and the people should realize it and rise to demand that the Judges should start to live-up to their constitutionally-mandated responsibility.

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