Comment on South-East Gov’s ‘Ebube Agu’ security force suspicious, says Intersociety by Dr Uche Kalu

The major problem confronting us Ndigbo are our compromised Political Leaders, who have thus constituted themselves as the minions of our
Hausa/Fulani Oppressors.
It is simply mind boggling why our Igbo Governors and the Ohanaeze Leadership, would announce their formation of a new Securtity Network codenamed, Ebube Agu and their banning of open grazing in the South East but at the same,call for a peaceful coexistence between Igbo Farmers and Fulani Herdsmen in Igboland?
But the alien Fulani Herdsmen own no lands in Igboland and besides,every inch of our Igboland is a farmland.
Where are those alien Fulani cattle drivers going to herd their fucking cattle
in our South East?
It is about time,those Igbo Quislings, who are masquerading as our Igbo Leaders; the Governors and those Igbo Members of Axis of Evil Party of conmen, Igbophobes,muslim bigots et al ,the so called APC Party, did
borrow a leaf from the brave,noble and patriotic Ibom Igbos of Afikpo.
The Ibom Afikpos have banned the sellings and consumtions of Efi Nama
in their Ibomland.
The Ibom Igbos of Afikpo North and Afikpo South Local Government Areas
of Ebonyi State, have thus far restricted themselves to eating only,
”Anu Efi Igbo,aturu,ewu, ezi na okuko.” Lol!
They have by so doing rid themselves permanently of the alien Fulani Killer
Enough is enough ojare!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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