Comment on South East govs seek ban on cattle movement by Ochendo

The issues raised here are part of the structural defects of Nigeria yet it is called a federation.everything is under the control of one person(Mr President).the governors are the CSOs in their respective States but the CPs,COs,etc cannot take orders from them and therefore the governors are helpless.states will enact laws on security but cannot be implemented because the security apparatus is would now ask what is the position of the campaign to have state police and the decentralisation of some federal structures?.to maintain roads in the states that are tagged federal roads the state governors need approval from the federal government;to build airports the governors need approval from the federal government.and may be to maintain and improve on the airport under reference here the governors need how can such a country develope??policies and laws are in place to retard progress especially against some sections of the country.let the governors(across the country) wake up and free themselves and their states from this bondage and indirect control from the center.sometime ago there was discussion for an agency that will regulate the drilling of boreholes across the other words,to sink boreholes in your premises you need approval from a federal agency.meanwhile public water facility is history.there are also rumours about bills to take over lands and water ways by the federal government.and may be someday there will be federal regulations on the air we breath.until we throw away the so called constitution and replace it with a suitable document Nigeria will remain at the cross roads.

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