Comment on South East ’ll treat foreign Fulani herdsmen as terrorists – Gov. Umahi by Kabiyeze

Lots of talks, and no action. I doubt if people are listening. What Laws have the South East Assembly passed to secure their people. What Laws have they passed to meet peoples demand for restructuring the lopsided federation, which does not require our governors, traditional rulers, clergymen, representatives, senators to cry and drop tears at the feet of a supposed president of the federation, not just Fulani president, before a peanut is dropped in their hands? Your women and girls are being raped on daily basis, and men, including clergymen are being slaughtered by Fulani terrorist herdsmen with AK47, without any being arrested and prosecuted by the president and his government. If these killers are not president’s brothers, but foreigners, why has the government, that proscribed IPOB without gun as a terrorist organization refused to refer to them as terrorists? South East people want to see action not rhetorics. You supported classifying IPOB as a terrorist organisation to protect SE in the North and Northerners in the East, so did you ask Mr President to classify the those bandits you confirmed are using AK47 and camped in SE forests as terrorist? So now you don’t want to secure notherners living in SE and SE living in SE? Can you now see why Nnamdi Kanu and some other people see their governors as collaborators and saboteurs? Yesterday, we learnt that Gov. Umahi’s Abuja house was ransacked by suspected policemen, while police suspected hoodlums, but no arrests made. A sitting governor with immunity? Continue to play along? Are you not a governor like Ortom, Wike, Fayose, Okowa?

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