Comment on Southwest PDP slams EFCC over ceaseless harassment on Fayose, others by Dr.Uche Kalu

His audacity and forthrightness in standing up against the invasion of his State
by those barbaric and bellicose Fulani cattle driver savages, earned Ex-Governor Ayodele Fayose the wrath of our common oppressors, the alien
Neo-Colonialist Fulanis of the Caliphate of Sokoto.
The ongoing harassments with trumped up charges against Chief Ayodele Fayose by President Buhari’s Gestapo bogeymen and bloody hounds of EFCC are nomore than pure red herrings.
By his banning and criminalization of open grazing by MACBAN’s Fulani
Herdsmen and Militias,Chief Ayo Fayose did set an example for all Middle Belt
and Southern State Governors to emulate.
Chief Ayo Fayose is innocent of all those trumped up charges brought against him by those Buhari’s EFCC morons.
It is about time our Governors,APC and PDP alike rallied round in defence of
Ex-Governor Ayodele Fayose for daring to defend our Qua (Kwa ) sedentary
We,the Indegenous People of Nigeria are no nomads like Buhari’s alien
Neo-Colonialist Fulanis of the North.
Buhari and his nomadic cattle driver folks must learn to respect our Qua
(Kwa) sendentary culture by confining their cattle in their Zones.
The message that Buhari and his cattle driver folks,the Fulanis, are nomore
Nigerians than the Afrikaans (Boers) are South Africans,must not be lost on them.
Thus in Rome,they must learn to do like the Romans.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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