Comment on State govt releases areas now under Kano, new emirates   by THE NOON

The motives of Governor Ganduje on this agenda of creating more Emirates against the old structures of Kano Emirates was culturally and traditionally unwarranted while his intention are mere envy and absolute abused of power because there are no cultural gain nor traditional benefit in dividing the Kano Emirates institutions established firmly for many decades of which these nature of division will only cause baseless rivalry against the superiorty of Emir Sanusi and possibly triggered disunity among Northern traditional institutions that has records of peaceful relations in promotion of Northern cultural heritage than the Western region where their Obas often dispute on matter of superiority among themselves. Since 1999 many elected Governors in Nigeria often abused power by trying to humiliate a traditional rulers in many ways of their barbaric leadership style that part of political culture while these made it easy for them because the 1999 constitution does not recognized traditional institutions by failure of not creating a chapter for traditional institutions that will guaranteed true separation of power in a Democratic system of government where this will give the traditional institutions financial autonomy, independent decision and planing on matters of custom, archaeological matters and promotion of cultural heritage independently from the executive however these nature of abused of power by Governor Ganduje required people that valued culture within and outside Kano to questions his barbaric motives and also ask him these questions, why is Nigeria still under common wealth? Why does USA quit its membership of common wealth?. If UK could maintain its dominion on its colony for decades unquestionably so whyy much ado about Kano Emirates that had been existence before Governor Ganduje was born? Therefore the people of the new Emirates created has Democratic right to reject it without fear or favour and in showing their loyalty to historical event that made Kano amiable town in the north while its Emirates a remained a vatue of all time.

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