Comment on State of the nation: Nigeria drifting to precipice – Adolphus Wabara, Former Senate President by Ebuka Amaechi

I quite share some views frm Fmr Senate President,Paa Adulphus Nwagbaras well intensioned & patriotic advise to ex-President Dr Ebele Jonathan not to Contest the 2015 General Election.To Conduct free & transperent Elections to allow the North Complete their Constitutional provision of Two Term Tenure after the death of President Yar’Adua. After which it will the turn of the South in 2019 to produce the next President of the Country. But i venemently disagreed with fmr Senate President Nwagbaras Pessimism about the Chances of Ibo man winning the Presidency of the Country in 2023. Until Gods knows,when he felt an Ibo man could be dashed the position of President of the Country. This is defeatist opinion & akin to a leader accepting defeat without putn up any resistance against an Enemy advance to capture his territory wt the Array equipments at the disposal of his people.What i advise the Old & the young politicians frm the South East,Is instead of singing discordants tunes on political issues in Nigeria ,They should unite frm home as examplied by some of the ethnic groups in the Country.Reach out to other friendly Ethnic Groups in Nigeria,on the need to surport Ibo Presidency in 2023 to ensure, just-ice, equity & mutual understandn of all Nigerians.

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