Comment on Stealing Fields by Dr Uche Kalu

Who are really stealing our oil in the N’Delta?
Certainly not our people of the N’Delta, because people don’t ever steal what does belong
to them jare!
It is of course, the ”One Nigerian ” Parasites and their minions of the N’Delta,who have
been stealing the God given natural resources of the people of that Region for more than
half a century and still counting.
The past 50 or more years of uncontrolled petroleum exploitations and explorations
in the N’Delta have utterly degraded the environment of the entire Region.
Furthermore, the very means of livelihood of our people of the Region have permanently
been destroyed and yet, they have seen absolutely little to none of the vast proceeds of their God given natural resources,which are simply carted away by the thieving ”One
Nigerian” parasites and the minions over the years. Lol!
But in less than 20 years fossil fuel might be faced out as a source of energy because
of Climate Change caused by the use fossil fuel.
Thus,the greatest losers of course,will be our people of the Lower Niger Region,who will be abandoned to face the calamity brought upon them and their envirónment.
At this juncture therefore,the ultima ratio is for the FG to immediately impose a moratorium on further oil exploitations and explorations in our Lower Niger Region and also all those thousands of gas flares must be put off immediately.
For the time being, only the Indigenous People of the N’Delta ought to have the absolute and exclusive right for any further gas and oil exploitation and exploration in their Region.
Nonetheless,according to the NNPC recent good news,in the rivers and rivulets of the
North yonder, Benue,Gongola ,Kaduna,Niger basins et al, abound some comercial gas and oil desposits awaiting the FG’s exploitations.Lol!
So,the greedy ”One Nigerian ” parasites should let their filthy and bloody hands off the
The FG must of course, pay the N’Delta People for the cleaning up of their utterly degraded environment by themselves .
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!

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