Comment on Tambuwal, Masari, Mutawalle seek EU support to tackle insecurity by THE NOON

This is obviously a colonial mentality in a cleared direction that indicated 60years of independence Nigeria still dependence on colonial masters economically and on security matter, is that a good omen for future young generation of Africa? What is independence? Is time to defined what independence really mean and why the annual celebration of independence day? Or are we really independence?. If by now as a country we still shamefully relied on colonial masters on health matters, education, infrastructure development and security what legacies is the leadership at all levels passing to young generation?. These Governors should emancipated themselves from mental slavery in order to clearly understand that crime reduction and philosophical mechanism of democratically crime prevention should be given priorities which should started in every family unit, religious organization and schools these would redeemed the society from what really made it to enjoyed the comfort of committing crimes than support needed from EU.
These Governors should also free their minds in order to acknowledged the better truth that very poor Democratic leadership resulted to very bad Democratic governance which its symptoms were general insecurities challenges, economy and political instabilities therefore how could EU support Nigeria to end insecurities problems when the EU was aware that corruption brought the country to the ugly security situation?. Would EU support Nigeria that is fighting, tribe, religion or region? Or Support Nigeria to fight Evil people that cut across all tribes and religion?.

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