Comment on Terrorism and the New Zealand example by Dr.Uche Kalu

The recent barbaric terrorist attack in New Zealand by a seemingly deranged
lone Islamophobe must however, be an eye openner not only for Muslims but also for non-Muslims alike.
The raging wars in almost all Muslim countrie and enclaves across the globe, and the terrorist groups,Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab,Boko Hartam,Hamas,
Hesbollah,Huthis,ISIS and the Talibans on their warpaths,coupled with influx of Muslim refugees in non-muslim countries are indeed,fueling, populism,fears racism and recentment across the globe.
Come to think about that,Muslims are wont to live in Rome and refuse to do like the Romans.They are apt to impose their values upon other Religious Groups.
Rather than integrating into their hoste societies,the Muslims would rather like in the UK and France,opt for their own parallel Islamic Republic within their hoste countries.
In the UK,there are apart from the muslims, other Religious Groups like the Buddhists,Hindus, Jews ,Sikhs et al, who accept and respect wholeheartedly all the values that make Britain a Great Nation,but never the Muslims.
Currently in the UK,the Muslims do have their own Parliament, so called Islamic
Congress of Great Britain and also they have their own fucking Sharia Courts all
over the UK.
Oh hear! What a crying shame and how accentric of the Brits indeed!
But the fact of the matter,is that Islam as a World Religion has no longer a place whatsover in our current 21st Century.
Besides,we Christians and other Religious Groups cannot for ever be turning their other cheeks to those bellicose Muslim murderers and savages.
Islam is but the Qur’an and the Qur’an is Prophet Mohammed.
But who was indeed Prophet Mohammed?
Prophet Mohammed was a warlord,a bandit,a terrorist and indeed a very ,very
bad man.
Thus, every follower of Prophet Mohammed is a potential,warlords, terrorist et al,and that also explains why there are wars in virtually all muslim countries and enclaves today.
Of course, all known terrorist groups in the world are all made up of Muslims.
Those terrorist groups ,who carried out the attack in Bali, Dar-es – Salam,
London, Madrid, Mumbay, Nairobe and New York were all inspired by the
teachings of their Prophet Mohammed.
Until a World Conference is convened on Islam in order to determine the place
of muslims in our current 21st Century,muslims ought to be confined in their
respective muslim countries and enclaves only.
Muslims don’t ever live and let live.They live and let die indeed for their
here-after as martyrs.
It was indeed the fear of the current influx of Muslims into Australia and New Zealand which ín actual fact,is virtually tantamount to an invasion, that drove the young lone gunman to do what he did.
I wish the Muslims could desist from imposing their evil and wicked religious values upon other Religious Groups.

Source: news

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