Comment on Terrorism: FG’s attempts to acquire better weapons denied – Lai Mohammed by Dr Uche Kalu

Chief Lai Mohammed seems to have forgotten the followings;
1.It was at the beshest of his Principal, President Buhari that the Sharia
State Governors,recruited,nurtured and sired their various groups of the
Boko Haram Jihadists as their custodians of Sharia-jurisprudence.
It was the erstwhile Governor of Borno State,Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff,who
brought the Boko Haram various groups under the Leadership of the late
Imam Mohammed Yusuf.
2. That the General (Retd.) ,Citizen Muhammadu Buhari was vehemently
opposed to the deployment of our Armed Forces against the Boko Haram
Jihadist Killer Squads, whom he warmly referred to as marginanlized muslim
youths and did equate them with our Boys in the Creeks of N’Delta,the MEND.
3.That Mallam Muhammadu Buhari did not only refer to the deployment of our
Armed Forces in the North East against the Boko Haram terrorists as an invasion
of his muslim North, but he was also opposed to the Declaration of State of
Emergency in the North East.
4.That Mallam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai led a delegation of AREWA Leaderds to
the USA, and did succeed in compelling the Barack Obama’s Administration
not to neither designate the Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Orgainzation
(FTO) nor to supply weapons to our Federal Government,because the weapons
would be used against the Boko Haram Jihadists.
5,That the erstwhile CBN Governor and the recently dethroned Emir of Kano,
Mallam Sanusi Lamido Aminu Sanusi went also campaigning in London ,the UK
on behalf of the Boko Haram and for non-supply of weapons to President
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Government.
6.That all terrorist groups; Abu Sayyaf, Al Qaedas, Al Shabaab, ASWAP, Boko
Haram, Hamas, Hesbollahs, Huthis, ISIS, the Talibans et al, are all muslims.
7.That the religion of Prophet Mohammed,Islam, is synonymous to terrorism
and that indeed,does explain, why the members of the Jihadist Killer Squads
in Nigeria; the Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen;ISWAP are all without any
exception, Fulani,Hausa and Kanuri muslims.
At this juncture therefore ,after a 100 years of Lord Frederick John Dealtry
Lugard’s Amalgamation of 1914 and 60 years of our Independence from
Great Britain,and give the current situation in the polity,it is about time we
Nigerians did go our fucking separate way.
The basis for our continued togetherness with those barbaric,bellicose
and murderous alien Fulanis and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim mongrel
bastards no longer exist.
Either our Indigenous Kwa/Bantu Leaders of SMBLF do make a
restructuring of the country into 6 Semi-Autonomous Republics a sine
qua non for our continued cohabitation with the Abokis,or we should go
for the late Major Gideon Orkar’s option of excising the North East and
North West from the rest of the country.
Oh yes indeed!, ”Si vis pacem para bellum.”
Our Qua/Bantu ancestors survived slavery.
Our grand parents and parents did endure British Colonialism.
Why must we succumb to this ongoing incipient genocide against us native
Nigerians by the alien Fulani murderers and their Hausa/Kanuri muslim
mongrel bastard?
Why must our children and posterity be silly vassals to the Abokis like us today?
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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