Comment on Terrorism major threat to peace, progress of W/Africa – Buhari by Pascal Chimezie

Is Buhari truly sincere and concerned about insecurity and terrorism in at least West African subregion? Are th other West African leaders, including the president of Niger Republic, truly sincere about killings in the subregion? I don’t think they are. They who sing a song about insecurity and terrorism in West African subregion are actually those who fund and sponsor insecurity, insurgency and terrorism! They know it. And they know what they are doing to help boko haram, Fulani killer herdsmen, mercenaries they call “bandits” and negotiate with them, pay them huge sums of money and yet shout insecurity, help! Through their wicked plans of indirect funding of insurgents they make huge money in defense allocations and unending borrowings as in the case of Nigeria. They think they are smart. But they easily forget that even the blind can see through their useless plans. The evil that men do starts living with them before they go to their graves. And when they eventually die, they will pay dearly for their wickedness. Since Buhari and APC came to power in Nigeria in 2015, crimes and killings have multiplied several folds! Impunity reigns supreme. Just because he and his Fulani oligarcgs want to hang on to power for ever, which cannot happen in Nigeria. Soon the table will turn against them and they will realize the great disservice they had done to themselves. Nobody should be deceived about the dishonest alarm about terrorism in West Africa. Let them continue to incubate the deadly monster. It will definitely consume them when they lose control.

Source: news

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