Comment on Theories of homosexuality by Dr Uche Kalu

Of course,homosexuality is a sick and a filthy aberration of human sexual
Our Christian Holy Book,the Bible is quite emphatic about it.
In the Book of Leviticus 18:22, an injuction therein is ; ”You shall not lie
with a man as with a woman.”
That is not only an abomination and such sexual practices do make
the men who plays the role of women develop rectal piles (haemorrhoids).
Besides, a man or woman who is incapable of appreciating the beauty of
the opposite sex is certianly a sick or an abnomal man or woman.
But come to think about that ; what about the joys and gratifications of
In my over 35 years of Medical Practice as a Pathologist, I’ve had scores
of faggots (gay men),who developed haemorrhoids and subsequently did
come down with some malignant and fatal carcinomata.
In my Ibom Igbo culture,during initiation of young men into manhood, in
the does and don’ts for men, homosexuality is strictly forbidden and
used to be punishable with death.
In my Ibomland are still some ancient mounds of earth wherein,some
homsexuals were interred alive as deterrents for others in the past.
In my Ibom society every man and woman does marry and up till today
fattening rooms and yearly nuptial parades are still in vogue.
It is on record that during the gay revolutions of outings and partyings of
the 1970s and 1980s in the USA, many gay men died of HIV Aids , TB and
Sarcoma that do go with HIV Aids.
Thus,homosexuality is a sin and must indeed be discouraged.

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