Comment on There’ll be no elections in 2023 unless 1999 constitution is scrapped –Afenifere by THE NOON

Why much ado about the 1999 constitution? Undoubtedly the sacrificial and patriotic efforts of the Military in ensuring peaceful transition of military administration to democratically elected civilians government in 1999 with globally acceptable Democratic constitution deserved commendation not really an unwise mockery by AFENIFERE however the military in their wisdom never claimed that the 1999 constitution was a Holy Book nor gives glory to themselves but demonstrated patriotism by played their own part in the entire process. The continue condemnation of the 1999 Constitution by Mr Ayo Adebanjo made it cleared that Him and the entire AFENIFERE does not really know the definition of a Democratic constitution because The 1999 constitution was 100% democratic by structures and its principles of ensuring a democratically united Nigerians in upholding fundamental human rights without fear or favour and without discrimination based on tribe, religion and region therefore all what AFENIFERE raised were merely selfish interest which defined their habitual hypocrisy and can neither be a solution to current challenges confronting the country nor proffered meaningful solutions to socioeconomic, security and political crisis because AFENIFERE motives on these matter was not only unpatriotic but lacked wisdom since Mr Ago Adebanjo and AFENIFERE are unable to tell the whole world Why The Holy Bible and The Holy Qur’an are neither restructured nor Condemned and Why are they called Holy Books?. Why are the preachers of these two Holy books gives priorities in telling people to repentance than saying or thinking it were the books required restructured or amendment? Above all AFENIFERE should realized that the 1999 constitution was not the major problems but the abused of powers and abused of office by an elected offices holders as executive, legislature and those in appointed office over 20 years of democracy so appealing to them to repentance should by a priorities not condemnation of the constitution.

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