Comment on These deaths, this country by Dr.Uche Kalu

President Buhari is indeed a devout muslim and all devout muslims do live
for a here-after.
Muslims do live to fight and die as martyrs in order to go to their Islamic
heaven,where 72 virgins awaits them all, and also, some 72 well oiled
pederastes for each of the fagots (homosexuals amongst them) , the choicest wines and delicacies too.
For the President and his fellow muslims Leaders,the ongoing daily killings
in the country is but a Jihad and Jihad is indeed one of the tenets of Islam.
Our Members of the Nigerian Parliament are there for the lucre, nomore no less.There are not there to serve the people of Nigeria jare.
Of course,over 25% of our vast oil revenues goes into the maintenance of
our corrupt Lawmakers.
Thus,they are wont never to dare spill their apple carts by engaging unnecessarily into partisanship of worrying and scheming about who controls the lever of power in the next (9th) Assembly.They don’t ever give a damn about all that.
The President and his cohorts did once refer to the Boko Haram Jihadist Killer Squads as marginalized muslim Youths, and they did also equate them with our Boys in the Creeks of the N’Delta,the Environmentalist MENDs.
For them also,the MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmmen and Militias, on their ”Futahat Jihadist Campaigns” of pogroms and ethnic cleansings with genocidal intents,are merely exercising their right of passage,which is guaranteed them by a fucking ECOWAS Protocol.
The barbaric and heinous acts of savagery by the Fulani Herdsmen and
Militias,which borders on incipient genocide,are callousely referred to as mere Farmers’/Herders’ Clashes by President Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts.
It is indeed very disheartening, shamefull and disgusting too , that Nigerian
Leaders both the Clergies and Traditional Ones do accept our failed status
as a Banana Republic with Equanimity of Pontius Pilate.
There are over a quarter of a million Nigerian Economic Asylum Refugees in Europe,in their hopeless quest for decent lives.
In Germany alone,over 3500 Nigerian Econonic Asylum Seeker are due to be deported home to Nigeria.
A couple of days ago , one them , a 20 year old Nigeria in Dettingen ( Baden-Württemberg),South West Germany ,attempted suicide than allow himself
be deported to the hell,which Nigeria has become under President Buhari.
The Police did narrowly manage to save his life by breaking his 8 meters plunge from a third floor window of a building, with a sheet of cloth.The poor young Nigerian is currently in the hospital with some multiple fractures.
Thare are over 10000 Nigerian Prostitutes in the Balkans ,across Southern
Europe from Italy to Spain ,up North to Austria,France,Germany and the Benelux Countries.
Just last week,a Nigeria Prostitute with the moniker,Anita, was raped ,
choked to death and thrown into ditch in Italy. A couple of monthes ago another Nigerian Prostitutes narrowly escaped death in Frankfurt,Germany.
Apart from North Africa, there are thousands of Nigerians Economic Asylum Seekers stranded in many Greek an Italian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea,who are in dire need of an urgent help from Home.
Why they were forced to leave home in their desperate quest for some greener pastures is quite obvious.
In Nigeria,there are no social-outlets for the masses because,the Ruling elites in the criminal negligencies of the masses ,loot and share amongst themselves,our vast N’Delta gas and oil revenues.
Nigerian is a Kleptocratic Country governed by Kleptocrats.
It is about time Nigerians borrowed a leaf from their Algerians and the Sudanese Counterparts and rise up against our oppressors,the corrupt and thieving Kleptocrats and their cronies of the ruling elites.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

Source: news

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