Comment on Third term agenda kicked off in September –Falana replies Garba Shehu by THE NOON

It was politically and democratically wrong for Mr Femi Falana to justified President Buhari for not harrase the third term campaign group as agreed to the third term agenda so how could a learned person whom claimed to be a SAN convinced the whole world that unlawful agitation prevailed over Nigerian constitution? Does President Muhammadu Buhari silence on this matter mean the kicked off campaign for third term in office?. This clearly was not a matter of fake news as said by Garba Shehu but a cleared symptoms of a sicknesses of a society because the political tension created by it run contrary to what Democratic structure of a matured society where its people demonstrated knowledge based political orientation however this type of political tension of third term agenda only presented Nigerians as uneducated people while those promoters of it and those opposed to it were together not yet been emancipated from military mentalities of which those that not involved were the politically matured moreover why are Nigerians failed to reflected on the lessons that surrounded the alleged third term agenda of Former President Olusegun Obasanjo? The barbaric political tension created only remained subject of mockery to Former President Obasanjo whom motives for amendment of 1999 constitution were for the advancement of Democratic good governance but very unfortunate the military mentalities of the society only dowelled on (Tenure Elongation) and turned the entire Democratic process of constitutional amendment to third term agenda. A societies that lacked political and Democratic orientation while its only ruled by military mentalities in 20yrs of Democratic system of government and also its political culture failed to uphold Democratic culture of friendly, healthy and mature political atmosphere of Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress shows that Mr Falana should be an Advocate of political and Democratic orientation as a moral obligations than being an advocate of mere political commotions which only add to the sickness of the society

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