Comment on ‘This affront on Igbos must stop,’ group reacts to Okorocha’s arrest by EFCC by Azzo

None sense. Who are you faceless Igbo groups? Come out in the open and make your petition. Why do you hide yourselves? The reason is very clear, it because you know those who persecute your own is from within your own. Didn’t you read the reason for EFCC’s arrest of Okorocha? It is a result of the petition written against him by the Imo state government headed by Hope Uzodinma. You shout arrest of Kalu. Are you sure you don’t know why? Is it no because of allegations made against him by his political protege Theodore Orji Kalu? Why do you cry wolf when there is none? That the Igbo race is bad is traceable to Imo and Abia states and indigenes. You are a very terrible breed of Igbos, really very evil minded people you all are.

Source: news

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