Comment on Time for Igbo to mobilise, give our governors necessary support is now – Elliot Uko by Alain

It is a very good appeal for our people to come together as one people. I do not wish to disagree with this fact that we are fighting ourselves in the media for something or for nothing. But sincerely, our disagreement with our brother Governors are because they don’t talk sense into the mind of this nothern illetrates for a change and for many years until IPOB came along. They have the constitutional mandate to protect the interest of the region at large in the first place but they are not doing that until IPOB came with the truth of life. We heard that some of them are qualified lawyers and judges but they don’t use those accredited knowledge and exposure in dispatching their call to obey Nigerian syndromes. We demanded that, they tell us what they go to Abuja to do rather than to go for the state Governor salary you called stupid state allocation. We, the people have this culture of respecting and given our elders their way but when the elders are not the worriors of the land, they stay behind and the worriors will advance. We are not fighting or wishing any one grave insults but this our newly Governor starting from the time of Jonathan to this dead fraudulent government are not our worriors. We need our worriors and not tax collectors. This is to say, there is no remedy for one Nigeria. Our worriors are ready, but the ordained king that suppose to give orders to the worriors to represent us and defend our land, are silience and afraid of the tax collectors who always brought them the palace money from Abuja. Our worriors are helpless with this tax collectors called Governors as there’s no braveness in them. They are those that should resign from tax useless collection and join IPOB to achieve Biafra. And for those who say they are Rivers and not the Igbo is a welcome one which has been the division in our land, but I would rather advise the person to sit down and look around him what did he say Igbos. We are larger than Rivers and should be respected. We the Igbo champion the restoration of our land they mean well for Rivers while reminding the reveirians are in Biafran Territory and the majority of this Biafran Territory are occupied by many Igbo. They own it. So, let forget about ego and shyness to take th truth from IPOB before is too late. Those who say they stick on one Nigeria are purely blind.

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