Comment on Tinubu, Akande condole with Buhari in Aso Rock over COAS, others death by ICHEOKU

ICHEOKU says is Buhari the widow of the army chief that was bereaved? They actually went to report back to Buhari on the kangaroo meeting which they held on his behalf, in Lagos, to scuttle the agitation for a Yoruba Nation. Tinubu will live to regret all the back stabbing which he is carrying out against Oduduwa interest just in his desperate bid to secure the APC 2023 presidential ticket. But he will regrettably find out that treachery of any kind does not pay in the long run. How could he be so comfortable with what is going on in Nigeria that he refuses to take side with his people, to at least use the separation quest as a bargaining chip and negotiating weapon for restructuring. But we shall see.

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