Comment on Tinubu calls for united Nigeria by Dr Uche Kalu

But the religion of Prophet Mohammed and his followers, the muslims in
Nigeria constitute a threat to our social order and to our unity as a country.
In Islam hate of the infidels is the defining emotion.
Thus,muslims are enjoined by Prophet Mohammed in the Qur’an Sura 3; 28
not to befriend us the infidels and when in confrontation with us to
dissemble,smile in our faces but in their hearts they should curse us and tell
us lies.
That is called ”Taqiyya”.
How can we native Christian Nigerians ever unite with those barbaric,
bellicose and murderous Hausa/Fualni muslims,whose Jihadist Killer Squads;
the Boko Haram,Fulani Herdsmen and ISWAP are on their daily campaign of
pogroms and ethnic cleansings of native Nigerians?
When in early 2013 (Feb.7.2013) the Boko Haram attacked the convoy of
the late Emir Bayaro of Kano,Mallam Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his courtesy visit
to commiserate with the Emir,he did publicly enthuse that the members of
his APC Party have no issues whatsoever with Boko Haram Jihadists.
Many Nigerians were really shocked with such a statement from a Chieftain
of the APC Party,because the Boko Haram Terrorists had at the same time
attacked Christians at worship in one of the auditoria of Bayaro’s College there
in Kano.
Among the 13 innoccent victims killed in that attack were two prominent
Yoruba Proffesors; Prof. Jerome Ayodele and Prof.Andrew Leo Ogbonyomi.
May their Noble Souls repose respectively in eternal peace .Amen!
When last year,on 12th of July 2019,the daughter of Pa Reuben Fasoranti
of Afenifere,Mrs Funke Olakunrin was brutally murdered along Ore-Benin
Expressway in Ondo State by some Fulani Herder Bandits.
Mallam Bola Ahmed Tinubu did travel to Ondo State not tó commiserate
with Pa Reuben Fasoranti but to exonerate the Fulani Herdsmen of the
In his silly wapped and aburd reasoning,Mallam Tinubu argued that since
the killers were not with their cattle, the real Killers must be the notorious
Igbo kidnapper,Evans and his group.
But later the perpetrators did turn out to be indeed some fucking murderous
Fulani bandits,who are currently rampaging all over the South of the country.
This time round, on his condolence visit to Chief Magatakarda Wamakko
over the death of his dear daughter, Mallam Bola Ahmed Tinubu with
his silly and childish talks about our unity and blood relationship,he seems
quite oblivious of the current Hobbessian State of Nature in the country.
It is about time the noble Oduduwa people cautioned their erring Political
Leader, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu,who is overtly kow-towing to our
common enemy,the Fulanis.
Genetically the consanguinity of the Indigenous Kwa/Bantu People of
West Africa with the barbaric ,bellicose and murderous Nilotic Troglodytes,
the so called Fulanis is too far except that we are all apart of the human race.
Accordintg to a current genetical analysis , while our Kwa/Bantu ancestors
did migrate from the Lake Rudolph Region of East Africa to West Africa
about 25 thousand years ago,the Fulani migrated from Ethiopia to the
Northern Sahara Region of West Africa first in about a thousand years ago and
later,started their southwards movement to us some five hundred years ago.
Apropros,Nigerian Unity,there can only be unity in Nigeria if our Neo-Colonialist
Overelords of the Sultanate of Sokoto,the alien Fulanis, relinquish their current
firm grip upon our fatherland and agree to have the country restructured.
Without that,the ultima ratio is gonna be, ”Si vis pacem para bellum !”
No to the status quo ante bellum!!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!!

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