Comment on Tinubu commends Buhari on making June 12 Democracy Day by THE NOON

Recognizing June-12 as democracy day by moving inauguration day from May-29 to June-12 only confirmed the fact that President Buhari and Ahmed Tinubu together with those agitated for these unpatriotic, unwise and a total ignorance of what history is all about failed to realized that June-12 was all about an election while May-29-1999 remained an unprecedented political turning point in the history of not only Nigeria but Africa at large because The day, The date and time are all witnesses to peaceful transition of Military administration to democratically elected civilian government where many World leaders present of which this ceremony that took place at Eagles square also made eagle square part of history however the this ceremony is what been celebrated every year because of its significant to democratization movement of Africa and the events itself was a political reflection of where Nigeria is coming, where it is and where is going democratically. President Buhari and those in this global embarrassment of trying to maliciously, carelessly and foolishly changing what is unchangeable as far as history is concerns should acknowledged the fact that Nigeria is bigger than their baseless sentiment for late MKO Abiola moreover President Buhari motives on this issue showed an open bias as far as election is concerns by only rewards MKO and omitted Alhaji BASHIR Tofar who was also a party in June-12-1993 presidential election so allowing a baseless sentiment to rules the decision of changing the unchangeable event in the history of Nigeria will on painted President Buhari as a hypocrite because where is President Buhari when Former President Jonathan immortalized MKO by naming Unilag in his name? Does the south west commended Him?.

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