Comment on Tinubu is Southwest’s choice for 2023 presidency – Ex-Minister, Ogunlewe by John

I am in support of President Tinubu. He wholeheartedly financed and fought for democracy during June 12 struggle. He even sold his house in London to fight for democracy we are “enjoying” now. He laid the foundation for a modern Lagos. He initiated BRT, introduced the idea of Independent power plan to Nigeria which many states are copying now, he did what Christian governors in Lagos could not do by returning mission schools to the rightful owner, bring stability and progress to Lagos by ensuring that only god governors rule Lagos, coordinated the activities of Governors in SW to make sure they interact and deliver dividends of democracy, deliver the nation from the hands of highly corrupt and demonized PDP, make sure that SW is not a footstool to the North by making sure SW is part of the government at the centre, etc. This is not to say he is a saint. Who is better equipped and experienced to actually rule this nation? Let’s discuss it.

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