Comment on Tinubu is Southwest’s choice for 2023 presidency – Ex-Minister, Ogunlewe by Nnanna Okoli (IKENGA OGBUNKA).

According to aristotle:”Only the dead has seen the end of the War” we have had enough of that mental slavery because Ndigbo is set and ready to make Nigeria ungovernable in 2023, we shall use the instrument of boycot, to boycot any goods made by companies own by other tribes in Nigeria in other to kill the nation’s economy and other strigent measure, should an igbo fail to emerge as president in Nigeria then. Tinubu can wait in 2031, they thought that the issue of IPOB has gone, no it has not gone, it is working underground but the upcoming igbo mass return in December 2022 which will metamorphose into January
Ist-7th (one week igbo sit-at-home) aim at killing the emergence of any president in 2023 from other tribes, except an igbo president extraction of Nigeria, Tinubu and co should not try Ndigbo or else they will kill companies like Dangote, Bagco, Honeywell, BUA, Golden penny, Eleganza etc shall be boycotted by Ndigbo and focused on use of all products made by companies own by the Igbos and other supporters of Ndigbo since we own the purchasing power in Nigeria.

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