Comment on TraderMoni: I don’t want you mobbed, Buhari warns Osinbajo by Dr Uche Kalu

I wouldn’t know that all Nigerians are traders to be thus, in dire needs of Prof.
Osinbajo’s dubious Trader/Moni.
What about the farmers ,fishermen,herders ,artisans ,wine tappers et al?
Must they also become traders in order to qualify for Vice President Osinbajo’s fucking Trader/Moni?
And what about those starving children in IDPs throuth out the Middle Belt, North East and also the teeming Almajiri street urchins of the core Islamic North?
Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians are trapped and are languishing in refugee camps in Cameroon,Chad and Niger Republic.
Perhaps,those Nigerian refugees,who are abroad yonder , could jolly well do with Osinbajo’s Tader/Moni too.
This Trader/Moni Scam came up,when the Presidency was actually caught redhanded making some huge withdrawals of money from our National Treasury without going through a due proccess of consultation with the Senate Committee for Appropriation of Funds.
The Presidency did deadpan then,by claiming that the sum of money was for the IDP’s.
But in actual fact,that sum of money went for Osinbajo’s Trader/Moni,which in actual fact was synonymous to a vote buying scam by Buhari’s APC Party, supervised by Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in person at first.
That was indeed a treasonable felony act and in a normal clime,the Presidency
ought to have faced a damning indictment for that misappropriation of our public fund.That was indeed an impeachable offence also.
In all Functioning Democracies of the world,jobless and destitute people are
entiled to some jobless and destitute social benefits.
If the Federal Government wants to introduce some social outlets for the poors and jobless Nigerians,that has to be for all not selective like in the Buhari’s APC led Government fights against corruption which are indeed very selective at best. Lol!!
Banditary,cultism,kidnapping for ransoms et al,which have beome endemic
in the polity today ,are all the damning symptoms of the criminal negligence of the masses by Mallam Muhammadu Buhari’s current Government .
The Leaders of the Hausa/Fulani lazy beggars folks of the North, would want our Youths to go a begging like their lazy Almajiris of the core Islamic North.
But man must chop jare.
A hungry man is an angry man too.
An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.
Of course,we Indigenous Qua (Kwa) Nigerians are no lazy beggar folks and beggary is a tabu in our noble Qua (Kwa) culture.
He or she,who goes a begging goes a sorroying.
In our noble Qua (Kwa) Nigerian culture,neither a begging nor a sorroying is allowed.We do fend for ourselves,our for families and for our immediate neighours.
Why must destitute and jobless Nigerians be traders first in order to be entiled
to Vice President Osinbajo’s dubious Trader/Moni ?
Trader/Moni is indeed a misnomer for APC Scam of vote buying during the
last Presidential Election.
What a failed Banana Republic!
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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