Comment on Tribunal sacks Oyetola, declares Adeleke Osun State governor by John

The premise on which victory was given to Adeleke is very weak and I cannot see how the supreme court will not reverse. The main argument is that the Rerun is illegal and is the collation officer that should decide on which election to cancel and not the Returning Officer. By implication, if the Rerun is upheld, Adeleke cannot be the winner. Also, if the rerun was announced by the vollating officer, there would not have been any issue with the rerun. The Judges went further to determine which one should be added and which one should not. The implication is that if the Return officer observe violation of rules or rigging or if he observes that the Collation officers are compromising, their ogas who is the Returning officer cannot do anything but only fold their arms. This is an interesting and strange implication of the learned judges. Their judgement also removes the power of INEC to order for a rerun if need be. Let’s wait for better qualified judges to handle it. I strong doubt if Adeleke will have his way. Now talking on sentiments, Adeleke does not have any plan for Oshun. He just wanted to ride on the grave of his brother to attain power. The present governor is a man of vision and action and has started correcting some of the wrongs of Aregbesola while at the same time building on his good legacies. The state is calmer and that is why most voted for APC in the presidential and APC will be dominating the state assembly. I want to see the new governing continuing with his great work which Adeleke cannot rival

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