Comment on Troops neutralise a Boko Haram commander, 15 others by Tony

Neutralized, repelled, pushed back, disrupted, foiled, captured Boko Haram commanders, cuts off Boko Haram s food supplies, destroyed Boko Harams camps and finally defeating Boko Haram TECHNICALLY is all we hear. We all know that the North doesn’t want this Boko Haram war to end . Boko is undoubtedly their brainchild. They created it for two reasons. One , against any Nigerian president from the south. Two for economic reason. Having chased Good luck Jonathan away with it now they have resorted to repelling and pushing them back for economic purpose. To the North Nnamdi Kanu is more dangerous than the leader of Boko Haram. . Let the killings continue. because the north is enjoying it

Source: news

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