Comment on Truth to power: Nigerian big men sponsoring Fulani herdsmen attacks, Gani Adams declares by Dr Uche Kalu

Chief Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, the Aare Onakanfo of Yourbaland is damned quite right.
Of course,those Fulani Herdsmen and Militias who are rampaging all over the country are employed by the MACBAN Chieftains.
In every Southern State are MACBAN Sheikhs, who direct and offer logistics to the herders, with indeed the help of the Army and the Police.
President Muhmmadu Buhari who is currently the Grand Patron of the MACBAN,was once the Chairman of that same Association.
It was Mallam Buhari,who as the Chairman of MACBAN once led a delegation of MACBAN Chieftains to confront the late Governor of Oyo State Dr. Lam Adesina.He did promise Governor Adesina that in the future,his Fulani Herdsmen would kill those ,who would deny them their right of passage through out the country.
As of then,Fulani farmers and hunters had hounded and routed Fulani Herders,
who had invaded their State,destroying their farms and crops , raping their
women folks and daughters and sacking their farmsteds and hamlets in their wake.
They had then sent the Fulani cattle driver savages packing across their border into Kwara State.
It is indeed,no other persons but President Buhari and his MACBAN Chieftains,
who are solely responsible for the daily pogroms and ethnic cleansings in the
Middle Belt,which do border on an incipient genocide.
President Buhari,his cahoots and cohorts do refer to the barbaric activities
of their MACBAN Herders as mere Farmers/Herders Clashes.
President Buhari would rather admonish the mourning People of Benue State to be more accommodating of their neighbours than console them.
That was after the sustained massacres of innnocent people in Benue State,attended by ethnic cleansings and burning down of many villages,
farmsteds and hamsteds.
According to the Minister of Defence,Brig-Gen. (Rtd) Mansur Muhammad Dan Ali and his Ministry of Interior Counterpart,Lt- Gen.(Rtd) Abdulrahman Bello
Dambazau, the Nigerian Army and the Police are under a standing order to
assist the MACBAN Fulani Herdsmen and Militias to exercise their right of
passage through out the country.
This Ruga of a thing,is nomore than a ploy by the alien Neo-Colonialist Fulanis to Fulanis and Islamise our Fatherland.
Mallam Muhammadu Buhari is solely responsible for the ongoing daily armed robberies, banditries, kidnappings,killings, and for the general insecurity in the country.
After all,he is the President,Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces,the Grand
Patron of MACBAN and indeed, the Alpha and Omega of Nigeria and by de facto,as of today, Nigeria is indeed an Uthman Dan Fodio Estate of the alien Neo-Colonialist Fulanis.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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