Comment on Umahi bans IPOB activities in Ebonyi by Dr Uche Kalu

Isn’t it simply mind boggling that the MACBAN is neither proscribed nor designated as a Terrorist Organizationn? Yet its Fulani Herdsmen and Militias are out there destroying people’s farmlands and crops, killing,kidnapping,
cleansing Indigenous Nigerians from their ancestral land , gang raping our dughters and women folks and pillaging our Villages, Farmsteds and Hamlets all over country.
But our IPOB Youths, who carry no arms, threaten nobody or destroy people’s
property were singled out by Governor Dave Umahi,his fellow South East Governors and the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Ledership for a proscription and thus,
paved the way for their designation as aTerrorist Group by those enemies of
President Buhari did follow that up by ordering his Janjanweed Army commanded and dominated by Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri Jihadists, to launch several of their gobble-de-gook Python Dances in the South East.
The Nigerian Army of morons and vandals slaughtered then in their wake,
hundreds of unarmed Youths in Cities and Towns all over Alaigbo,who were merely holding processions and Church Services in remembrance of our Biafran fallen Heroes during Pol Pot Yakubu Gown’s War of Genocide against us Biafrans.
Since then,hundreds of our IPOB and MASSOB Youths taken hostage by the Nigerian Army remain unaccounted for up till today.
Mazi Dave Nwaeze Umahi and his cohorts must be very circumspect in
their dealings with our IPOB and MASSOB Youths, because we Biafrans will be
holding them responsible for the ongoing killings of our unarmed children.
Oh yes! All those Igbo Governors, who conspired to proscribe our Youths and thereby paving the way for their designation as terrorists followed by the inavsion of Alaigbo by the Nigerian Army are also accomplices indeed.
The day that we shall drag Mallam Muhammadu Buhari and the Members of his APC led Government before the ICC at the Hague,Mazi Dave Umahi and his fellow Igbo Governors will certainly be there with them.
”Mazi Davi Umahi na ndiotu ya na achi anyi Ndigbo ife.
Ndigbo chenu echiche.Maka na asi na ndi ndi-iro gbara gburugburu,na eche ndu ha nche.Anyi ga ebi.OFo!
Ndigbo Kwenu-o-o!”
All Hail Biafra,our God’s Own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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