Comment on Umahi bans IPOB activities in Ebonyi by Ebuka Amaechi

Its sad development that its only Ndi-Igbo that allow moles like Gov Umahi who is a well known member of the APC by his Covert actions & others to be foisted on Ibos as leaders by the known esternal avowed Enemies of Ndi-Igbo.Every Patriot & well Citizens of Ibo Nation,Including the Elder Statesmen & well meaning Youths frm Middle Belt Region,South West & Niger Delta Regions.Whom in view of the Present desperate Plans by the leadership of the Nation which was Trigered by the unwanton killings,Rape & destruction of Properties of targeted Citizens of the Southern Christian States & Middle Belt Region by the highly armed Fulani Herdesmen wt Impunity.Wtout Prosciption as a Terorrist group by the APC led Govt,who ve Craftly planed to establish RUGA Settlem-ents & fulani Vigilantee Groups in other States outside the Fulani Zones in defiance to the Nations Constitution which Vested the Right to Cobtrol States Lands to the State Govs. Wt this well planed Straregy by the Fed Govt against Southern States.The Patri-otic Elders,youths & well meaning leaders frm other Southern Zones ve realised the Vision behind the Non-Violent demand for the Actualisation of Soverign State of Biafra by the IPOB Leafer Mazi Nmadi Kalu which the APC led Fed Govt promptly Proscribed IPOB as Terorrist Organisation,While leavn the highly armed Boko Haram Terorrists,who ve declared & wagn War, against the Nigerian Soldiers, Which ve resulted to Kidnapn & loss of many innocent & displaced thousands of Nigeria-ns, Who unfortunately have become Refugues in their Country. I urge the leadership to Warn Govt Umahi of Ebonyi to Beware of History as he has no right whatso- ever to Ban Ebony State indegenes frn excercising their Freedom of Choice or Association as enshrined in Nigerian Constitution he Swore to Protect,!

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