Comment on UN probes IPOB, Shiites’ killings by Dr Uche Kalu

The slaughter of over 350 unarmed Biafran Youths and over a thousand Shiite Muslim Youths by Nigerian Janjaweed Army of Vandals and Jihadists, are among the cases of an ongoing Incipient Genocide launched against Indigenous People of Nigeria by President Buhri’s APC led Govreernment.
While the former, the IPOB Youths were engaged in a peaceful processions
in hounour of their fallen Heroes during the Nigerian War of Genocide
against the People of Biafra in1967-1970,the latter, the Shiite Youths were
engaged in Ashura Processions in honour of their Shiite Hero,Imam Ali,who was murdered by Sunnite Arab Muslims.
The claim by Audu Ayinla Kadiri, the Nigerian Permanent Representative to the UN,that the composition of his delegation was a testimony to Nigerian
commitment to implementation of UN Convenants, is indeed a clinch nonsense and an utter bunkum.
Mallam Audu Ayinla Kadiri’s claim belies the fact that he , members of his delegation and their Principal,President Buhari , are alien Neo-Colonialist
Fulanis on Jihad to Fulanize and Islamize our fatherland.
Currently in Nigeria,the Boko Haram Jihadist Killer Squads and President
Buhari’s MACBAN’s Fulani herdsmen and Militias assisted by the Nigerian
Janjaweed Army and the Police are daily slaughtering indigenous Nigerians
and cleansing them from their ancestral lands.
There are over a half million native Nigerians,who are internally displaced and languishing in IDP ( Internally Displaced People) Camps in the North Eastern and Middle Belt Nigeria.
The current situation in Nigeria since President Buhari and his Axis of Evil Party,so called APC took over the Presidency does call for an immediate International Intervention in Nigeria.
Nigeria has indeed descended into a Hobbesian State of Nature.
In Nigeria under Mallam Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidency, grinding
poverty,hunger, insecurity and utter disregard for the sanctity of precious
human lives are the order of the day.
Please help us!
The barbaric and bellicose muslim savages,so called Bororos,
Falatas,Fulas ,Fulanis, Fulbes or whatever the Nilotic alien Troglodytes call
themselves, are killing us Native Nigerians.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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