Comment on Uzodinma, APC blast Imo protesters by Alex Johnson

We have been praying and asking God to sanitize our country, make our country look like America and other advanced countries. This is because in these countries things are done orderly. There is fairness. For instance, if you are a foreigner and have lived a certain number of years in their country you will become eligible to vie for positions in their local, state and federal governments. Provided you meet the relevant criteria consistent with the position(s), people will vote for you notwithstanding that you are from another country. One Onunwo from Obio/Akpo Local Government in Rivers State was once the Mayor of Cleveland in USA. There is this Nigerian Iwobi, a senator in Italy, just to mention but a few.
Here in Nigeria, one who has no qualification for a position will like to have the position at all costs by doing some secrets things which you and I may not know but which God knows, on the bases of which He may put words in the mouth of His messenger to make a pronouncement for which there may arise hue and cry from all of us. In the circumstances, the person concerned who knows himself, should humble himself like David before God, ask for forgiveness with promise against recidivism. God, seeing his sincerity may restore him to what he has lost. If one road closes another one can open. Nothing is impossible with God. We just need to humble ourselves before Him. Making protests that are uncalled for and heaping abuses on the messenger of God for making a pronouncement or spending the whole time trading blames will only make things worse. In the Book of 2nd Chronicles 7:14, God said ” If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Man is God’s greatest asset, hence He is interested in what concerns him (man). God using Mbaka to warn our politicians is a proof. If our people are wise, they will learn lesson from the prophesy of Fr. Mbaka. The protest shows lack of recognition and respect for God. Our leaders should meet Fr. Mbaka and ask him to find out what actually God wants to do with us. This thing that is happening in our politics for the first time, what does it portend? Is this development an indication that the cries of the people that He should intervene in the affairs of this country have reached His throne? If so, is Nigeria now the new Israel – God’s own people? Is He now reforming our rulership from democracy to theocracy? If so, how do we key into the new system. What should we do and what should we not do in this evolving divine-human relationship? It is high time we showed respect to God by obeying His messages through His anointed one.
We are now in the Christian era when everybody is claiming to be a child of God and churches are springing up like fungi. There is no street in Nigeria you cannot see a church by one name or the other. If we are profusely calling God and He intends to come and be with us, He must have to sanitize the environment where He will be. The valleys have to be leveled and the potholes closed. These cannot happen without toes being stepped upon. We have been crying to God to come and He has come. We should give Him chance to make our country conducive for everybody to live in. The current development in Imo politics shows that God is interested in the State and in Nigeria as a nation. He disciplines those He loves. We shall recall the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in three places in Nigeria (Aokpe, Benue State, Umunya, Anambra State and Ikenanzizi , Obowo, Imo State) towards the turn of the 21st century which I have not heard has taken place in any other African country. These developments call for sober reflection; they are calls on our politicians to involve God in their deeds for Him to be their guide and guard. To the present Governor Imo, I say congratulations and let that quality that has endeared you to God be sustained and even improved upon to attract more divine blessings.
To our politicians, I say, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, if you do things the right way, God will reward you in a way that we cannot explain.
Therefore, my beloved brethren, please stop this protest and let us see what God has intended to do for/in this country, beginning with Imo State.

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