Comment on Violent restructuring comment: You are yet to accept democracy, Presidency replies Ogomudia by Dr Uche Kalu

Is Mallam Garba Shehu really listening to himself at all?
His claim that Nigeria is a Nation and a Democracy is an utter bunkum.
But Nigerian is neither a Nation nor a Democracy.
Contrary to Mallam Garba Shehu’s assertion,Nigeria is rather a country of nations and also a damned Kleptocracy.
The Kleptocrat, Mallam Muhmmadu Buhari,is there only to supervise the ongoing loot and share of our vast gas and oil revenues to the few elected privileged Nigerian Officials and their minions.
The down trodden and terrorised masses are simply abandoned to wallow in
abject poverty and deprivations by the President Buhari’s Government.
President Buhari,who as a Chairman of PTF (Petroleum Trust Fund) under the
late Despot, Gen.Sani Abacha did not only supervise the mindless loot of our
vast petroleum revenues,but he also misappropriated (stole) the sum of $2.84bn
from our PTF and lied about that later.
President Buhari and his APC led Government simply plunged this failed moribund Banana Republic of ours into its current Hobbessian state of nature.
The country is gradually unraveling and only a restructuring of the country
can avert our eventual break – up like the Yugoslaves.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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