Comment on Vote Buhari or forget Igbo presidency –Okorocha by THE NOON

Is this a campaign or a systemic imposition of a candidates?. The only reason that hindered the possibility of Igbo to produced President was the fact that Igbo’s has a divided home while these allowed the Yoruba’s of the Western region and the Hausa’s of the Northern region take their advantage politically however the principles of democracy only recognized peoples choice not really the tribe, religion or geographical region of a candidate but the leadership qualities that made him/her to becomes peoples choice which Nigerians political culture failed to embraced but only allowed undemocratic political zoning, tribal, religion and regional sentiment to prevailed over the Democratic principles of producing peoples choice that will democratically unite people in an non violence spirits. A historical example of peoples choice was the late MKO Abiola that is why the system that produced him as well as the government that conducted June-12-1993 Presidential election deserved commendation. Governor Rocha’s should stop playing doomsday politics by relying on zoning that already turned Nigerian constitution to subject of ridiculed in the comity of Nations because the possible sudden death of President or vice president always change the undemocratic zoning formula where rule of law always prevailed over tribal, regional or religion sentiment therefore tribal, religion and regional sentiment should be totally abolished in Nigerian political culture because its only complicated situations while in many ways not helping matters so Does USA allowed so called zoning in their political culture upon their difference?

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