Comment on Was the Biafran war inevitable? by Peter Okeke

This is no longer Biafra’s war but war for the survival of Nigeria. There is an evident leadership monstrous failure that has been an embrassment in Africa and the world at large. Corruption is now an expensive way of life in the country. Everything about institutionalized corruption is evident in the three arms of government especially with respect to control, distribution and use of the existing wealth. Members of house of assembly find themselves as special breed of people whose financial needs are far above the economy and average Nigerians they are meant to represent. The system of government cannot create but only stifle innovations and creativity and reward redundant dead woods and their interests at the corridors of power. We are slow in accepting the inevitable reality face Nigeria and the urgent need to effect restructuring and regional economic diversifications. How far can this pretense and cloying misgovernance continue before the centre gives way, It will have nothing to do with Biafra but the Nigerian question.

Source: news

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