Comment on We ‘re committed to peace in southern Kaduna—El Rufai by Azzo

Well done Mr Governor. But if you look well you will see very clearly that it is a particular sect/group/people and faith that is busy inflaming the mayhem and gaining rebuttal from the other which is a much more tolerating and accommodating party. Fairly recently, the Archbishop of Sokoto diocese buried one of their own in the seminary after the abduction of between three or four of the seminarians. We go back to the broad day light murder of the King of Adom Adara kingdom – no such ugly murders of Tserkis even though there are lots of them Southern Kaduna. We have origins and settlers in Sourthern Kaduna and for the avoidance of doubt, origins do not set against themselves nor would settlers. The chances are that they origins and settlers could set against one another. This is also not the case. One thing is obvious as it is very clear – the mayhem unleashed in Southern Kaduna is through invasion by invaders. The fact that you have set and installed all security apparatus and logistics in the area to stem the tide but all to no avail is suspect. It calls for proper and thorough investigation of the process with which this was done and why no result is yet achieved. Putting the blame squarely on the people is despicable act of scapegoating.

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