Comment on We won’t allow religion to divide Nigerians – Buhari by Dr Uche Kalu

If President Buhari is really honest about not allow ing Religion divide the country, let him then, put an end to his ongoing policy of Fulanization and the Islamization of our fatherland.
Currently every Federal Institution in the country is headed by a muslim ever since he,
Buhari took over the Presidency from Prof.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2015.
Furthermore, all our Federal Institutions are situated in Buhari’s Islamic North.
Besides , the Hausa/Fulani muslims are yet to accept wholeheartedly the Secularity of
our Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria.
But currently the Hausa/Fulani muslims are not only running a parallel Islamic Republic within our supposedly Secular Republic but they had also,unilaterally declared our fatherland an Islamic country,imposed Sharia -jurisprudence upon us Christians and dragged our country into C8 and C15 Islamic Member State Organizations.
If indeed President Buhari has any moral compass or rather compunction at all,let him and his Hausa/Fulani folks start immediately with the dismantling of their anachronistic Sultanate of Sokoto.
They must also abrogate Sharia and pull our country out from our OIC,C8 and C15
It is very urgent and imperative too,to have the country immediately restructured with power devolved to our current 6 Geo-Political Zones and along with that, a 100% Resource Control.
President Buhari must also bear in mind,that we Christians cannot for ever be turning our
others cheeks to our muslim compatriots,who are daily slaughtering us Christians for good measures.
We Christians don”t believe in a here- after like the muslims do.
It is about time the President called upon the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar to issue a Fatwa against their muslim Jihdist Killer Squads, the Boko Haram and MACBAN’s Fulani Herdsmen.
Without all that,this failed moribund Banana Republic of ours,which already sits on tenter
hooks will soon be heading for our eventual break-up.
No to the status quo ante bellum!
Down with Hausa/ Fulani Islamic Hegemony!!

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