Comment on We won’t inflict additional hardship on Nigerians –Buhari by THE NOON

“We have no intention to inflicts additional hardship on Nigerians” Apparently the policies and programs of this administration with its baseless and meaningless slogans of CHANGE in the first tenure and now the second tenure of another undefined slogans of Next levels only add to the sufferness of teeming Nigerians in many difference ways that connote Hardship where the political atmosphere and its barbaric political culture failed in all ramifications that defined good governance in Democratic system of government however the word HARDSHIP as far as Bad Democratic governance and poor Democratic leadership is concern indicated Poverty, Insecurities, Injustice, Socioeconomic Hopelessness and absolute lack of good examples of Democratic leaders that will inspired future generation with patriotism these nature of Hardship since 2015 increases the rates of suicide of people in many ways which are on records while many Young Nigerians embarked on illegal journey of crossing the Mediterranean of thousands abruptly ended their lives so it was very cleared that this President Buhari administration can not fixed economy problems nor able to proffered meaningful solutions to societal challenges nor have the ability to diagnosed the symptoms of the slickness of a society because the political culture of Nigerians does not excluded any political parties which mean APC and PDP are the same in ideology with thesame set of questionable people so who is fooling who?

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