Comment on We’ll lift 100m Nigerians out of poverty this year –Finance Minister  by THE NOON

Is it by magic or by miracle would lifting 100 millions Nigerians out of poverty? This is neither an economy goals nor an economy agenda but a cleared political propaganda with similar unreasonable characteristics of past Federal Government poverty eradication, poverty elevation and current tradermoni programs while the total failure of these FG programs and policies upon the resources input confirmed the basic reality fact that the education acquired by Nigerians Democratic leadership are useless, questionable and only defined practical meaning of BOKO HARAM since their education failed to proffered solutions to socioeconomic, security problems and ensured wellbeing of people however history revealed that knowledge based solutions redeemed makinds from the bondages of poverty mentality, bondages of all forms of insecurities while holy scriptures acknowledged the truth that Prophets used knowledge to redeemed their people from all forms challenges so why is the knowledge acquired by Nigerians Democratic leadership failed to be a solutions to Problems?. Lifting 100 millions of Nigerians out of poverty is a tale of a forever poverty because the already political culture of Nigeria remained 21st century mental slavery moreover how could Democratic leadership always gives impression of doing people favour? or expression that they are not serving people but remained their semi gods?. The infrastructure on ground and the inabilities of government at all levels to guaranteed political and economy stability made it cleared that only by magic or miracles will the program succeed because developed countries are developed by continue embarking on developmental programs that guaranteed productivities not encouraging bureaucracy or rellied on oil.

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