Comment on We’ll resist RUGA anywhere in Igboland –IPOB by Dr Uche Kalu

After President Buhari took that Aro-Uzor Conman of Ebonyi State, Mazi Dave Nwaeze Umahi,along with him during his visit to America, Governor Umahi still feels so beholden to that bloody Igbophobe.
Governor Dave Umahi was very instrumental in the proscription of our IPoB Youths,
which paved the way for their designation as a Terrrorist Group.
But are our IPoB Youths really a Terrorist Group?
They neither bear arms nor do harm to others and their property.
That bloody Quisling,Nwaumahi, did invite Presiddent Buhari to his State Capital, Abakaliki, to wine , fete and to confer an Igbo Title upon that same man,who at his behest,the Nigerian Army and Police had invaded Ala-Igbo on their gobble-de-gook Python Dances, slaughtering in their wake,hundreds of our armed Igbo children.
Up till today scores of our Igbo Youths kidnapped by the Army , during those their Python Dances remain unaccounted for.
One day,in a very near future, Mazi Dave Nwaeze Umahi will be forced to confront us
Biafrans for all his acts of betrayal against us Ndigbo.
Of course ,the Fulani herders have the right to transport their cattle to our South East Markets for sales.They might need some temporary corrals (pens) for their cattle but
never a permanent settlement in Igbo Land, because every piece of land in the South East
is a farmland.
Besides, our Igbo culture is sedentary not nomadic and that must be respected.
Thus, Open Grazing will never be permitted in Ala-Igbo.Period!
” Dave Nwaumahi biko, kpachara anya gi.
Gi na ndi-otu gi acho anyi Ndigbo ife.
Ndigbo ga agwazi ochu. Iwu! ”

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