Comment on We’re not part of Oduduwa Republic –Northern Yoruba community by Dr Uche Kalu

The alien Fulanis with their Caliphate of Sokoto which has been a parallel Islamic Republic long before our Independence from Great Britain and has continued to
be so even within our supposedly Secular Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria today.
Why can’t the Indigenous Qua (Kwa) Yoruba Nigerians have their own parallel
Oduduwa Republic ,which will even be Secular within our Secular Commonwealth Republic of Nigeria?
By the way,who elected Mallam Abdulhakeem to speak for the Yoruba People?
Mallam Adbulhakeem Adegoke is after all a bloody Yoruba/Fulani and therefore,
he is not only a bloody Omo Afonja but a Quisling and a damned Reprobate

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