Comment on We’re ready to leave Nigeria –IPOB by THE NOON

The global characteristics of a Democratic agitation demonstrated nonviolence attitudes and total obedience to all authorities in a manners that respect rules of laws and protect fundamental human rights where Democratic culture prevailed over possible criminalities and its malicious tendency in the name of agitation therefore does agitation in Nigeria are in harmony with Democratic culture? All agitations in Nigeria in any names lacked Democratic directions with its often lawlessness tendencies that defined a very sicked society, So does agitations in a Democratic system of government be a Democratic solutions to societal problems? Or Why is the agitators failed to blamed themselves for not using their vote wisely?.
It probably easy for IPOB to leave Nigeria but very difficult to leave BABYLON however The late rasta Prophet Bob Marly Says in EXODUS” LEAVING BABYLON GOING TO OUR FATHERLAND ” Apparently the inspiration in AFRICAN UNITE remained the only socioeconomic, political and security solutions to Africans historical problems because the BENEFITS mentioned can only be achieved if AFRICAN REMAINED UNITED

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