Comment on We’ve taken war to kidnappers in Abia –CP Okon by DR Uche Kalu

Chief Etim Ene Okon ought to have been deployed to either Borno or Zamfara State,where bandits and kidnappers are ubiquitous.
In our God’s Own State of Abia,there are absolutely neither Kidnappers nor
Terorist Groups.
In his first interview as our Police Commissioner ,Etteh Etim Ene Okon did announce that he is in Abia State to confront our IPOB Members,whom he
did refer to as terrorists.
The people of Abia are very hardworking lots, law-abiding,peaceful and are also noble Christians.
The primary duty of Chief Etim Ene Okon in our Abia State is to maintain peace and order by securing the safety and security of Ndi-Abia , their property and ancestral land too.
However,in the jungles along Arochukwu and Itu, and berween Ebem Ohafia and Ikun too, are hundreds of alien Fulanis and their cattle hibernating there.
The alien Fulanis do pose some serious threats not only to us Ibom Igbos
of Abia State but also to our Ibom Cousins of Akwa Ibom State and Cross River State.
Commissioner Ene Okon should liaise with his Akwa Ibom and Cross River
State Counterparts and flush out those barbaric and bellicose cattle driver
savages from our fatherland.
Etteh Etim Ene Okon is also hereby put on notice that he would be held accountable,if any of our Youths is either hurt or killed by the police under his command in Abia State.
It is also his responsibility to give an acount of all those Abia Youths taken away by the Nigerian Army and Police during their gobble -dy- gook Python Dances in our State of Abia.
All Hail Biafra, God’s Own State of the Rising Sun.!!

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