Comment on What Nigeria should have learnt from Biafra –Tsav by Dr. Uche Kalu

As a matter a of fact, I had always taken Chief Abubakar Tsav for one of
the very dangerous willing-tools of the Fulani Caliphate of Sokoto in the Middle Belt.
Come to think about that;his very name,Abubakar (after the father of Prophet
Mohammed) coupled with his Epiteth,Tsav (of a Bantu Tiv savage), do,
indeed portray him as a dangerous mix, of a Fulani Jihadist cum
barbaric Bantu Tiv savage.
I am deeply sorry about that.I am indeed guilty of what we call in German,
” Eine Voreingenommenheit”, a bias, after all.
Chief Abubakar Tsav is indeed an Honourable Statesman and also a lone voice in the wilderness of Nigeria.
Chief Tsav is quite right.
Nigerians Politicians are rottently and irredeemably corrupt and thus, incapable of serving the people of Nigeria,(the Sovereign Electorates) ,who did put them in Office in order to serve them.
Nigeria will never ever be a democratic country because all our Politicains are culturally born Kleptocrats.
The devil’s exrement (our N’Delta Petroleum) and the easy oil money thereof,
are indeed a curse to us Nigerians rather than a blessing.
”Radix Malorum pecunia est”.Money is the root of all evils.
Of course,it goes without a saying that necessity is the father of invention.
It was out of an urgent necessity coupled with our inborn ”Enyimba Spirit” ,ingenuity and our indomitable will to survive,that we Biafrans did make lots
of break-throughs in Agriculture ,(Chemistry and Physics) Tecnology, Medicine et al,during the Nigerian War.
I ,a Veteran Biafran Officer ,as an Admin.Officer of my Battalion did once, supervise my Unit’s Peroleum Refinary (producing diesel oil,kerosine and vaseline),our fishery ponds, illict gin distillary,garri factory et al.
I was a merely 21 years old after the war.
During the war,Prof. Ike (an Igbo),who was once hounded from Lagos University by Prof. Biobaku and members of his Yoruba Academic Staff of that University to Nsukka University , where he did make a break-through in Medicine.He and his group of Microbiologists and Virologists manufactured a Cholera Vaccine.
After the war,the Yoruba Medical Adivisers to Pol Pot Yakubu Gowon’s
Military Government banned the use of our Baifran Cholera Vaccine in Nigeria.
I personally got a jab (inoculation) of our Igbo-made Cholera Vaccine in
1970 and I will remain immune to Vibro Cholera Infection for the rest of my life as long as I do boost my Anti-body Cholera Titer regularly.
Cholera has remained endemic in Nigerias since then and every year, muslims returning from Pilgrimage to Mecca bring along with them Cholera
Epidemic into the country.
Hundreds of Nigerians still die every year from Cholera Infections.
There was indeed a country called Biafra and I will for the rest of my life , be a die-hard Biafran nationalist.
We Biafrans do take the Biblical Advice as contained in the Romans 5 : 3-5.
”We glory in our suffering,because we know that suffering produces perseverance,perseverance produces charcater and character produces hope.And hope doesn’t put us in shame.”
Besides,we Biafrans have a noble and decent sense of humanity and dignity as Christians.The Ideals of Biafra will never ever die jare!
All Hail Biafra,our God’s own Land of the Rising Sun!!

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