Comment on Who do you listen to? by Emmanuel Jimmy

Two years ago an elderly friend of mine who was once a principal officer in my university once advised me against taking a particular course of action. Up to this day, I gloat over the fact that I didn’t listen to this noble gentleman. Ten years ago I kept listening to a particular message in the University chaplaincy. The message kept recurring and at a point I understood that God was speaking to me to directly to do something about my career. After dilly dallying and pussy footing on the matter I finally took up the gauntlet. Immediately I did hell was let loose. Many thought I had gone insane. But within a space of five years those who booed and jeered at me became cheerleaders all because I had listened to the divine voice. Who and what we listen to can change the course of our lives. Who and what our leaders listen to can change the course of history. Thanks De Boss for bringing this to our consciousness.

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