Comment on Why ballot box snatchers won’t be spared –Presidency ? by THE NOON

This was a cleared mockery of the security agencies and an assault to what democracy really all about and should not be a subject of National controversy nor verbal war that often defined Nigerian political atmosphere as Third-3rd-World War however it was absolutely undemocratic for a democratically elected president to made a very sensitive statement that presented him to the world as unpatriotic because already snatching of ballots boxes and election related crimes are offence punishable by law that is why security agencies are always present in all polling units during an election in order to maintain law and order while these constitutional duty of security agencies ensure immediate arrest of those violated electoral laws as well as those whose motives is to cause violence during election so Garba Shehu stop irritating Nigerians with his unjustifiable defense of The Presidency because these defenceless Nigerians sacrifices their lives to voted-out PDP in 2015 in ensured the victory of President Buhari that is now undemocratically intoxicated by power moreover is it President buhari that will teach all the security agencies their statuary work? Or is the teeming present of security agencies during election are just for playing sake?. Or does Garba Shehu realizes that if security agencies during election takes law into his hands by shouting a suspected ballot boxes snatchers will go unpublished?. It was very disappointing for President Buhari who failed to take these type of decision against terrorists.

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